The Social Life of Ghost by Marria Pratts
Book Launch 15/09 Bcn

The Social Life of Ghosts

The Social Life of Ghosts

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The artist’s book "The Social Life of Ghosts" by Marria Pratts features more than one hundred drawings. With this repertoire, Marria appears to uphold the relevancy of drawing. And despite, or indeed thanks to, its modesty and the simplicity of its execution, reasons for which it is often not a respected medium, Marria rejects such market categorizations. 

These works are not minor nor are they preparatory. Neither are they so as standalone pieces, nor are they so as the sequential narrative they form after being selected, organised and presented as a collection in this publication. In the same way she does in her huge paintings or neon brushes, Marria once again demonstrates a willful and affectionate pursuit of insistency, never-ending purpose and an opening up of the world. In both form and content, the artist gifts us a unique reflection of the radical experience of liminality and alienation that still surrounds us and that is so lonely and, at the same time, so collective.

18 × 24 cm, 272 p
Design and editing: Progresso
Language: English


July 2022 / Shipping September 2022